What is Cirrus Cloud Services?

As businesses rely more and more on technology, security needs to go past the protection of your physical location and extend to your data.   Since data is such a critical portion of how we do business in today’s world, do you know how secure and reliable your backups are?  What benefits does your current cloud provider offer?

Midwest IT can give you an offsite data center that is dependable and secure.  As a Cirrus Provider, Midwest has the ability to provide you with the best possible solutions that Cirrus has to offer.  Using Cirrus Cloud Services means you have the benefit of using a scalable and secure option that has a smaller footprint both physically and financially.  

If you feel unsure if Cirrus will work for your company’s needs, take a moment to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Can your employees recall everything they produced during their workday?  
  • How frequently is your data being backed up?

In today’s paperless environment we heavily rely on our PCs to prepare and distribute all our documentation.   With Cirrus there’s no need to try and remember what you’ve done.  Cirrus can seamlessly replicate your workday with backups that are taken every 1-2 hour(s) verses a backup that can only restore from a 12-36 hour timeframe.  Seamless restoration keeps you productive and on

  • Are my backups kept offsite and how secure are they?

Your data should be removed offsite to a secure location every day. With Cirrus this occurs every few hours, and it’s stored offsite with Midwest IT. This happens automatically, with no intervention needed by your staff. You have the peace of mind knowing that it’s also encrypted and stored in a physically secure environment.

  • What happens to my data in the event of a disaster?

If your primary physical location becomes unusable, Midwest IT has dedicated servers that allow us to recover and host your servers at our datacenter temporarily. Your employees will have the ability to access their data remotely.  

  • How quickly can my environment be replicated?

Cirrus can restore a server in as little as half an hour. Depending on the type of server that crashes, other solutions can take 8-24 hours to restore data.  In the event of a disaster this gives you an unparalleled ability to get your business back up and running.

  • What redundancies do I have in place in the event of an outage?

Cirrus allows Midwest IT to boot a failed server within minutes on our devices using virtual standby technology. In today’s business environment and high customer standards, employees cannot be left without their email, Internet, or agency management systems for any length of time.  

If you are interested in finding out more about what additional benefits Cirrus Cloud Services has for your business, contact us today for a consultation.

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