We have arrived and are doing well, but not without having to trust in God heavily.

All travel was safe and going well and we were 200 ft. from being on our way to Hogar de Vida. And then Customs stopped us. Because of the higher quality equipment we brought to Hogar, they deemed that all of our networking equipment “commercial use” even tough it was used and donated. It has never happened on a team with Matt (the President of Hogar) before and it’s a learning process for him as well.Long story short, they want us to pay taxes in order to get the equipment back. While the taxes are not a big deal overall it takes time to run it through the process and we are here until March 23. It was a long process to get things going and we are praying the Lord will bless us by expediting the process and hopefully we will be able to pick things up on Monday. Per what Matt heard during the process that would take a miracle from God but all things are possible with Him. Please pray back home for those servers to come back to us on Monday.

On a more positive note, the peace of this place has been overwhelming. Every time I say “you feel it when you come through the gate” I worry it will leave people disappointed. We had an immediate feeling of Go’d presence when we drove in and it has continued to be here. Matt talked about “Thinspaces”, or places on earth that feel closer to heaven. This is definitely one of those. His presence is felt and known as soon as you are on this property. Bill talked about how in the old testament the sin was so great the land groaned. I feel like this place is the opposite. The land exudes God’s peace and makes it so that you can’t ignore it. Now I know why it feels like home. My father is right here.