The day has finally come…..

We have been prepping for 4 months, packed more equipment into 10 bags than we ever thought possible, and had to adjust with crazy life stuff all along the way. Finally, we get to do, not plan. Everyone is SOOOO ready for what God has for us down here. We are excited to be able to provide for the great staff down here so that they can care for these kids in the way that God calls us to.

The biggest thing for us right now is balancing anticipation for for what God has for us down there with caring for those back home. It’s always hard to leave, but every trip brings wonderful life change from God and draws us closer to him. We have everyone in every facet of life, from a college student, parents of young ones, parent of pre-teens, to a parent with 2 married kids. It’s great to see the dynamic of this group and the wisdom and energy it has to offer.

We all got out the door at 3:30 and caught some sleep on the plane so hopefully we will land energized and ready to roll! Looking forward to helping this place finally have some protection from the crazy lightning!