Today went well. We got everything done that we could have the equipment left. We got the escuelita done and got the wires in the bushes run into the ceiling (you read that right). Had some fun Tico compatibility issues but things are set up and ready for the rest of the equipment in customs. Unfortunately, we were not able to get them out yet but we have a case worker trying to get it out today. We are praying (and would appreciate prayers) that we can pick it up Wednesday morning since we are in Jaco tomorrow.

We played with the kids today and played a fantastic water game that many of us will use this summer. Just put a bucket in the yard and get plastic cups. Fill the cups with water from a jug and try and get the kids to fill the bucket up. They ran for like an hour having a great time. It is so refreshing seeing how these Tias don’t just dictate to the kids (although the do when they need to), the role with the kids’ moods and set up an activity that goes with it (the kids wouldn’t leave the water alone). They kind of go WITH the wind. I am always amazed at the love they pour out on these kids.

Last night Helen gave her testimony. It is so powerful every time I here it, and it really hit the team hard. She went through her story on how God is still making a believer out of her from the time she was 21 in jail to now when she is 70 years old. Every time I here it I picture a movie and it is amazing to see how she looks at life and how heaven was put on the map for her. This really spoke to Bill and me with the death of our brother and brought many things to light.

This place……God never disappoints.