Beach day! The only day we didn’t stay at Hogar de Vida. We left at 6:20a and got back at 9:00p, so we were gone all day. We went to a resort for breakfast, then left for the ziplines. All week Kip had been telling us how he was afraid of heights, but he actually did really well on them. I think he only got a little frightened once when one of the zipline instructors told him to turn around and go with no hands… He was already hanging by the time the instructor told him to let go and as soon as he let go of his harness the instructor pushed him out. It was quite comical. After ziplining we went to lunch back at the resort (nothing to speak of it was a resort buffet). After that we went shopping in Jaco. It was pretty uneventful, but it was very hot. The ice cream was rockin awesome though. Then we all went to the beach at the resort. Kip definitely was the best at boogie boarding, Nate said he did alright, but everyone else struggled. Dinner was really good. Kip and I had red snapper, and Kip told me that he eats the eyes of the fish. I knew that lots of people eat fish eyes, and I was branching out with the eating fish and a pineapple salad, so I thought, “What the heck. I guess I’ll try it.” After I tried it, I told them that it wasn’t that bad and they all looked at me and said “You actually ate it?” and I said “Yeah, Kip said he ate one too” and Kip said that he didn’t and that he was just trying to get me to eat it. But it wasnt that bad. After dinner, we went back to Hogar de Vida, and Kip started battling ants. He didn’t like that they were walking across our porch. So he kept sweeping them off the porch for a good 15 or 20 minutes. He was convinced that he was going to battle a whole colony of ants even though I told him that they were following a pheromone trail and that they were just going to keep coming. He finally just sprayed them with bug spray. That was the end of that. We’re end the night with some cards as usual. Its great to get to know these guys and spend some good quality time with them. Ive been extremely blessed this week.

-Michael Wyant