Today started off as a struggle for me.  I was very nervous for it was testimony day.  Everyone could tell that it was stressing me.  Once I was in the Rancho though one of the chicas (kids) came running over and gave me a hug.  She has done this since the day I met her.  She is my daughters age so it has made me feel at home every time. The love these kids have after all they have went through is just overwhelming.  By the way everyone said the testimony went great.

The big God thing today was the bags were let go by customs and someone donated the money to get them out.  How wonderful people are helping out others across the world.   So today we fixed the phones in house 3 and finished wiring the escuelita.  We also built the servers and installed the rest of the switches.  Most of which I have no idea what to do but I was a good golfer.

Tonight was Chris’s testimony.  She gave how she felt opposite of her husbands Matt.  It was cool to see each others walk with God during turning points of there life.  I hope someday my family can have God moments just like them.  Their kids are so polite and respectful.  I have never heard a complaint about anything.  What a wonderful family.

After all things were very productive.  The kids are all super energetic and full of life.  There has been many God sightings.  The first thing I learned is to stop and listen after you pray.  When you pray ask for his guidance in life struggles or questions.  Don’t expect and answer right away be patient for he will reveal himself eventually.  He works differently in all of us.