God is good! Today was our last full day here at Hogar de Vida, and God showed His mighty hand. Our list of tasks left had shrunk since we arrived, but we had a full day’s work ahead of us. We were able to complete all our tasks (a first for a tech trip), and we were able to further bless them by completing more than what was on the list at the start of the day. God was truly guiding our hands and blessing our labors! There was even time today amidst all this to spend an hour with the kids and go into town to pick up some coffee and treats for home at the supermarket. God loves the details. So now the new servers are in, new wires have been run in a number of rooms, and the phone system has been successfully deciphered and can now be fixed and expanded as needed while it awaits a future upgrade. And that only covers the major projects. With these systems Hogar will be better able to function consistently (from a technology stand point) and is better prepared for future expansions and upgrades. Through it all this week we were able to have time with the kids and with God.

We have all grown while we have been here, individually and as a group. This group of guys has become a second family. Our pre-trip meetings helped us to come as friends, but we will leave tomorrow arm-in-arm as brothers in Christ. It has been an amazing few days and I pray the memory will not soon fade but may linger and make lasting impressions on each of our hearts, lives and families. I have no doubt that we all will be coming back as better husbands, fathers, sons and friends. The time here has been fruitful for us as a team and for Hogar, but we all yearn for our home and families. As we leave Costa Rica tomorrow there will surely be mixed emotions. As we leave this family we have as a group and with the people here we all will be very glad to reunite with the family we have been away from and missed dearly this past week. We will see you all soon.