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Public Wifi

If you watch HBO’s Silicone Valley you may have seen how on the show they used WiFi Pineapples to hack into a tech conference’s WiFi and have their Pied Piper software collect the attendee data they needed.  Sure it’s only a TV show but WiFi Pineapples are real and super accessible (they cost about $100 […]

Internet Surfing Best Practices

Use Google Search Before you start to type the name of a website you have never been to before, try googling it first. Google actively scans just about every website and looks for malicious (harmful) code. If it finds something, it will warn you in the search. Google will also ensure that you end up […]

Ubiquiti Networks Receives $31.67 Average Target Price from Analysts

Midwest IT has been using Ubiquiti Networks hardware recently for things such as Wireless Access Points, Security Cameras, Point to Point Wireless, and POE Switches.  Their pricing to this point has been great and the equipment has held up to the standards that we expect.  The Security Cameras that they offer have been very nice. […]

Are “Zombie” servers draining your precious resources?

Have you ever heard that loud rumbling noise coming from your server room?  Is it your IT infrastructure hard at work helping you to increase profits or is the sound of the “zombie” server?  A zombie, or comatose, server is a physical server that is running but has no external communications or visibility and contributes no […]

Should your business have its own “APP”?

I recently began researching the pros and cons of having an app for Midwest IT.  As I ventured out into Googleland to find a decent development platform, I began to think about possible functions that we could implement that would improve our customer service and make things easier for our end users.  What I found […]

Keep your focus!!

Running a business is a 365 day a year job. While you focus on running your business let Midwest IT Solutions focus on keeping you up to date on the latest developments in information technology. In the 4th quarter of 2015 Microsoft launched Exchange Server 2016 and implemented updates to its Office 365 service and […]