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The day has finally come…..

We have been prepping for 4 months, packed more equipment into 10 bags than we ever thought possible, and had to adjust with crazy life stuff all along the way. Finally, we get to do, not plan. Everyone is SOOOO ready for what God has for us down here. We are excited to be able […]

Enterprise level Wi-Fi system using UniFi®

There is no question that Wi-Fi has become an important element in running your business.  The positive side to Wi-Fi becoming such a commodity is that the market is competitive when it comes to offering up new networking solutions.  As your MSP, we’re familiar with your bandwidth usage, office layout, and budget.  Whether you are […]

Three Square Market offers microchips to employees

Three Square Market (32M) has received a lot of press this week over their decision to offer microchips to their employees. This takes wearable tech to a new extreme and it has its share of supporters and naysayers.  The microchip is available to all employees and their use is on a completely voluntary basis and […]

Internet Use in the Workplace

Today’s business world is driven by the internet in many facets. However, the internet also can make you more vulnerable to data breaches and viruses. As the threats have changed over the years, you’ve likely made sure update your hardware and software. However, your changes can’t all go into your network, your users themselves can […]

Why you need Managed Services for your Small Business

Net Neutrality, Artificial Intelligence, Y2K, Data Mining are all buzzwords floating around the IT industry. Another term you keep hearing is Managed Services. Are you left wondering what it is? Is it just another trendy name or something larger? Hopefully we can lay out what Managed Services is and it’s a benefit to you. The […]

Building Your Plan for BYOD!

Building Your Plan for BYOD! As the line between working in-office and working from home becomes more and more blurred, a new trend in employee technology has begun to emerge – BYOD, or bring your own device. Many companies are offering their employees the option to bring their own devices into the office environment as […]

Microsoft Windows 10: We’re Here To Help

As of July 29, 2015, Microsoft launched Windows 10 for PCs and tablets, which is a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.  According to Microsoft, Windows 10’s features include:   Cortana: A personal digital assistant tool that learns individual preferences to provide users with recommendations and access to information. In addition to […]

Cloud Computing: The MSP Advantage

It’s no secret that cloud computing is the future of computer and network care for businesses worldwide.  “The cloud” eliminates the need to have physical servers and hardware in your office. Cloud computing focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the company’s shared resources, as well as being effective in heightening companies’ day to day tasks […]